Why I am so loving to all including strangers?

Love is the purest emotion. From the minute we are born we require it to  to function. If we do not we get a loss, angry human beings who do will eventually end up hurting (anyway) others because they never experienced love and care. They become stunted in emotions, cannot connect emotionally.

So, knowing that we all even psychopaths and sociopaths need love to a least to become less angry (reduces the chances of harming someone greatly), I made it my personal goal to all respond and interact with all in loving ways to others, even if they are undeserving.

Now me being loving does not mean you get a free pass to violate my boundaries -you were learn that being loving meanings being assertive and strong as well. It does not mean we are friends or I am in love with you those are reserved for a select group of people who have earned access to the intimate parts of my life.

There is something called unconditional love, which is I am doing something because I want to or feel like its important someone even stranger feel hear or see an act of love… Think of it like paying it forward, except no lie, I’ll forget I done something or said most because it comes naturally. Sometimes I don’t anything except silently sent my love your way.

My goal though is to make sure the world stays a loving place….and the way to do that be the love you want to see.

Mia V.

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