The Independent Women Flies: If a guy treats you badly it’s not because he has a crush on you, it’s because he an asshole and not that into you.

Growing up I was told if a guy teases you and is mean to you he has a crush on you. That it okay for boys to be mean and we have just let them be boys. How wrong was that thinking ? Would we say the same thing if other little girls were being mean to other girls their own age? No, This is a very outdated theory and bull shit . If a guy treats a girl poorly it’s because he is either not that into her or missed out on gentlemen training, but it’s usually the first reason.

We want to teach our daughters to have standards go for a guy who treats her with respect, honestly. Even if they aren’t meant to be a guy can be good still. I always say, you can tell a lot about a guy how he treats his mom and sisters. He wouldn’t want any boys just to slide up in their dms, would he ? If he does- he doesn’t value females and let’s face it we come to far to go backwards in women’s rights. We’re behind property status.

Stop this this thinking and teach your daughters, step-daughters, nieces etc that if guy likes them they will move mountains.

Also this applies to non- straight women, again if your partner is treats you badly same concept.

Mia V.

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