Real Talk: Suicide

There has been a lot of famous suicides this summer from Kate Spade to Margaret Kidder. Mostly from middle age to older men and women who are famous.

We often focus on suicide being a solely young person’s issue, we never address that older people can premature end their life too.

Suicide effects us all and is a permanent solution to temporary problems. It’s an irreversible decision.

I heard comments from people I encountered in real life about how selfish Kate and Anthony were for leaving their children behind. Why did kill themselves they have more money then most. Some people laughed. All these comments are things I heard in 2018.

So I decided to get real about suicide in a blog post. First thing first- all those comments are highly ignorant and disgusting and let the respective parties know.

I want to emphasize that fact ANYONE who attempts suicide or succeeds are not selfish individuals. Most of the time they are in extreme emotional distress and want relief from whatever causing them immense pain. There so many reason that people end their lives and it’s never selfish. I believe a huge issue is our society.

We come from a culture in North America where having a mental illness is like some kinda of curse and where we unfairly deciding io the world resources – there many individuals in the US and Canada who do not have access to basic needs and top it off are putting pressure on ourselves to live the “American Dream.”

We forgotten how to live-enjoy the moment, be compassionate and enjoy life.

What is the result ? Lots of people becoming increasingly unhappy , stressed people etc some of the become so internally in pain they decide to just end their existence.

We also never talk about difficult things and when we do we are judged harshly. This creates isolation and trust me you can be loved by many and still feel isolated. Isolation is the toughest emotion I feel. It really distorts our reality.

Yet we can vote in leaders who willfully violate human rights and ostracized those suffering from mental illness, women etc. How fucked up is that?

So back to suicide, we have a constant pressure of social norms telling us what life suppose to be like, uncontrolled capitalism which creates a gap between groups of people. We are so focused on ourselves and our people we forget about the greater good. No wonder we have people on all levels are checking out. What could we have done to save them you ask?

We could set up a society that is fair, compassionate for all. Where we all have access to quality food and healthcare. There is no reason why in Canada and USA should have dying citizens except the greedy 1% is block the rest of the people. These are resources we all need to survive yet here in Canada for example we charge $15 for bag of milk in northern aboriginal communities. Why? Because of transport costs. Bullshit. It’s all about getting that man maid paper.

We are creating societies based on old European values that really were to only benefit the self appointed “rich”. We have the resources to become a fairer and happier society. We are not doing it, we are keeping to status quo…. why? Because that the way it is ? Why are we not supporting each other when we going thru mental health issues. Why do we charged $120 for psychotherapy, we are we paying for healthcare, why are we judging those who break down instead saying how can we help? What if Margaret Kidder, Anthony Bourdain, Kate Spade were your children or your people you want the best for them? I assume yes, why aren’t we doing that for greater good?. There so many suicides in all levels of class because there is something fundamentally wrong with our society that needs to change.

Until we get out our narcissistic ways and start working together as community I afraid suicide will become a desirable option.

Because let’s face it, when your dead what do have to worry about? Nada (Nothing) to some intense emotional pain it looks like an amazing option.

Lets make suicide an obsolete option. One way you can start is give back (donate), be compassionate and speak out let’s make life enjoy for all because we are here to give us lessons. We are all worth it.

Mia V. ❤️

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