Badass Women Wednesday’s : F*ck Fear Author Cheryl Martin Goncalves

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Trigger warning, we get into the topic of domestic violence.

This week I interview my badass co-author Cheryl Martin Goncalves. Cheryl is a certified NLP and hypnosis practitioner and expert in resiliency and post-traumatic growth. For more information on NLP and other techniques used click here:

Cheryl uses her abusive past to help her clients overcome the trauma they experience so they can go on to live happy, peaceful fulfilling lives. For more information click here:

Cheryl is a very compassionate, empathetic person. She is passionate about helping others, warm and just an amazing inspirational human. I am so honoured to call her a friend and to be on this journey with her. Cheryl is an example of how you change your situation around in any circumstances. You can reach out to Cheryl directly on Facebook:

Click here to see my chat with Cheryl as we both bond over the shared experience of leaving abusive relationships and the lessons, emotions we felt. You are going to wanna hear what we have to say: and why we really decided to write.

Happy Wednesday (Yes, I know its Thursday 😉 )

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