Badass Women’s Wednesday: F*ck Fear Author Carmela Zambri Lamanna

Hey Sexy Fearless and Fierce Followers,

This week I interview Carmela Lamanna. My Fearless co-author. Her chapter is called: Growing Stronger Through Fears.

Carmela hails from Southern Italy ( where my father is from). Coming to Canada at a young age, she made her life here. She is the proud mom of two beautiful daughters and Nonna (grandmother) to five beautiful angels. Carmela is a certified Energy Healer, Spiritual Teacher, Medium, Empath.

Her life experiences with bullying, depression and anxiety etc and her ability to connect with the spiritual realm, makes her a great healer. She has been both up and very down in life and can relate to how glorious yet challenging life can be. Carmela is a very humble, caring, loving, bright person and very intuitive and I benefited from her services by chance. Carmela is dedicated to empowering others to access their inner knowledge to live to full potential and to heal from past traumas.

I am so honoured to be on this journey with her and to call her my friend. To hear Carmela Journey and to watch the interview click here:Carmela’s Interview

Some of the services are:

  • Spiritual Counselling
  • Workshops on Spiritualism
  • Workshops on Meditations
  • Meditation classes in a group format
  • One on one meditation guidance

Carmela can be reached on her Facebook Site:



Link to our book is here. It is available on Amazon and various online retailers worldwide:

Stay tuned next week for another Badass Women Wednesday’s where I interview another one my amazing co-authors.

Lots of Love,

Mia V <3

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