Real Talk : Core Values

“Each day I realize how similar we are. Brown, Black, White – Muslim, Christian, Jewish etc . We all believe in fundamental principles that make us human. These values are 1. Right Conduct, Peace, Truth, Love and Non-Violence. Let’s remember this next time we hate each other. ”

I wrote this because lately I feel like as global society we are forgetting this and empowering people who are out for malicious intent.

I really enjoy seeing positive news stories. We are all connected and worthy of love and care. Even the misguided, need to be shown mercy but held accountable. So I wonder now, way in 2018 there is all this hate.

Have we lost sight of who we fundamentally are we are so entranced in our own lives we forget we need each other to survive ? When we wake up and realize that we are the same and stop the hate?

My thoughts for tonight.

Mia V.

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