The Independent Women’s Flies: Be wary of the partner who does not uplift you

A romantic partner is suppose to be your best ally, love you unconditionally and support you. If they do not do this then it’s time to re-evaluate your relationship.

Recently an interesting encounter happened:

I co-authored a book called F*ck Fear. It’s how we over came tough situations in our life.

I met a couple the other day and learned of my book and the male said “My partner needs this” and their partner was clearly embarrassed. This is not okay, not matter how long you have been together. You partner should not be putting you down in front of others period, cannot stress this.

So have boundaries and choose a partner who will say “My wife is lovely person and I think both of us would love to check it out.”

Independent people never accept less, this goes for males too.

Mia V.

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