Badass Women Wednesday’s: F*ck Fear Authors Edition: Michele Anne Lopaschuk

Hey Sexy Fearless and Fierce People,

Welcome to my first Badass Women Wednesday’s Post! This is a new series I am starting that feature amazing women making a real difference in the world. I am starting off by featuring my co-authors of F*ck Fear. 14 amazing women including myself are wanting to see real change in how we talk and view sensitive topics. I’ am talking about mental health, domestic violence, eating disorders, teenage pregnancy, trauma etc. Social Taboos we did not dare talk about and except to act normally after experiencing terrifying experience. We are here to say enough, F*ck Fear and let’s get talking. We are all in this world together and all of us experience trauma, mental health challenges so why are so afraid to speak up? Enough. Our experiences do not define us, our actions and how we treat others do.

Michele Anne Lopaschuk is a currently an entrepreneur who runs her own company Love to Help Others which sells natural and organic products to others. She is a certified life coach and energy healer. Michele can reached through Facebook. She is passionate about empowering others, speaking up about mental health and domestic violence and promoting health and wellness individuals. Please enjoy this interview with Michele. She has some amazing projects coming up, watch out world this unstoppable woman has so much to give to us <3 I am honoured to be her co-author and friend.

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Lots of love,

Mia <3

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