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Hey Sexy, Fearless N Fierce Followers,

When I find out new things that break barriers and gets us talking about things, such as mental health then I will tend to share them on here.

Just like good ramen on a cold day, I get super stoked about positive exciting things that I think will make a real difference in the world.

Taylor Talks is run by a raising and fierce young actress named Taylor Foster. If she looks familiar to you when you click the link below to Taylor Talks, it is because she plays Becca on Netflix’s Dear White People (great series FYI binge-worthy if you haven’t checked it out).

Taylor Talks can be found on the “Taylor Talks” section on her website. I can say with absolute confidence that is Taylor a is a pretty exceptional person and wise beyond her years. This is someone to look out for in the near future – she is destined for international impact status and genuinely cares about others.

So you young 20s something’s or late teens following Sexy Fearless and Fierce looking for some peer advice on any topics that affect’s your age group then this resource is for made just for you. Also us oldies (mid to late 20s) “1989-1993” this is great for us too ✔️.

As many of you know by now that I am big mental health, domestic violence and sexual assault advocate and big on female empowerment. I am also an author.

My experiences with mental illness and domestic violence in my early twenties were extremely isolating. One of the biggest lessons I learned was the more open we are about taboo topics with others the more we realize how not taboo they are and we all impacted by similar experiences. When we create a dialogue with each other the more we all heal. Which why I posted the challenge earlier on this in conjunction with F*ck Fear, my co-authored book. New to this blog, For more info about my book see F*ck Fear – Sexy Fearless Fierce section.

Taylor Talks does create dialogue in the way of advice column this and I think this is just fabulous.

Part of being what I call a badass woman is supporting and other badass females who are out giving back to our global community as well and this what have always done in real life and will do on here too. Taylor is on a badass level for sure!

Important Reminder: While Taylor Talks is a phenomenal peer support resource, it is not to meant to replace the mental health, trauma etc crisis lines that are created in your community. If you are in crisis, please do not use this as an emergency resource, contact your local 911 or 999, a trusted family member or friend and a trained professional. (this is uber important readers even about this blog)

Here is the link to Taylor Talks: Taylor Talks

For more info on Taylor check out her website: https://www.taylor-foster.info

And follow her on Twitter, do think just do (you’ll be missing out on some epic tweets if you don’t and that be tragic 😉 ) : https://twitter.com/taylrfostr

and her new Twitter for Taylor Talks https://twitter.com/taylrtalks

Enjoy ❤️

Mia V.

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