Book Review: Ship It Author : Britta Lundin A must read ❤️ @brittashipsit

Tory Lanez – Luv is blaring in the background on the sultry holiday Monday that happened this past Monday in Canada 🇨🇦.

It’s summer time baby in Ontario. We love it, it’s hot and gorgeous.

So I took opportunity with dancehall, reggaeton, 70s classic rock, classical Spanish guitar and Italian music in the background to finish Ship it. (Please excuse my random music choices, I like almost all everything)

I am author myself . I promised myself upon entering this profession that I would read books oand support other female writers.

I came upon Britta’s book by accident. When I saw the synopsis and was like a book about fan fiction and a f/f romance…and thought , “C’est cool” as my French Canadian co workers say.

It looked super interesting and something I cannot relate to at all. The last time I read fan fiction I was 16 and it was only twice. I was obsessed with the OC . Adam Brody was my man in my mind, and I wanted him to have Ben’s body and Summer/Rachel was the women I aspired to be. Confident, sexy and can handle her men. I guess my “ship” would be Seth and Summer, I did not grow up with the internet (born in 1990). I was in my later teens 16 , when Facebook became popular. 19 when Twitter hit the scene and 22 when Insta and Tumblr came along.

I also never knew what “shipping” was in relation to fandoms until this past December and do know much about fandoms either.

How I feel about the book:

I am very opened mineded and thought this would be refreshing to read and I was not disappointed.

Turns out I could related more to characters in regards to not being really sure how to act in my first relationship when I was 14 and Forest in not getting fandoms and shipping etc. Nothing against it , just was not involved in it.

The love story between Claire and Tess is adorable and made my heart happy . I am very supportive LGBTQ 🏳️‍🌈 community and have close friends who are part of it. So I was happy to see another same sex love story line in books. I was a teenager in the years of 2003-2009, there were very little books with same sex story lines that I can think of on top of my head. So it’s great for the next generation to have a more representation in books.

Britta also does a great job in explain fandoms to the fandom illiterate (like myself) and the impact it has it’s members, that it can be literally quite life saving and the pressure that actors face that are part of these fandoms.

S/O to this bad ass female author for writing an amazing book that just the right mix of love, happiness, angst and drama. What a different, refreshing and enjoyable book. Thank you Britta 🙏

Britta Lundin is a writer based in Los Angeles and she is also one of the writers on hit show “Riverdale”. I have included a link to her website where you can order a copy of her book and more info on this this author , you can also order Ship it on Amazon. GO READ THIS now ! That’s an order 😉

Mia V. ❤️

Relaxing in the sunshine 🌞

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