The beginning…. Concept of Love

Waves crashing on to the rocky shore of the Ontario North. A tiny girl age 4 , is looking out at the bay in a daze.

It is the year 1994.

Her only wish is to one day fell in love , she did not quite understand it but she knew it existed. She dreaming of her Prince charming carrying her away, marrying her and living happily ever after. She always wants a laid back life where she can love and be love and help others. Just feel peace, near water.

The partner she pictures that she will marry, would love and respect her, compromise equally with her and will support her. Her intuition is telling her.

At only 4 , she seen love leave and promised herself she wait so she never feel that pain. She wanted her heart to be protected. Wise beyond her years, an old soul they use to say about her, a gentle child with brown hair , brown eyes and olive skin.

She day dreamed by the giant bay, it gave her the most peace in her young life, something so endless and strong about the bay.

Little did she know, that she feel that love and heartbreak… there was only so much she could do to protect her heart and put her on life path she could never imagine.

Little girl with big brown eyes, your dreams will come true just not the way you are day dreaming them.

Mia V.

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