Real Talk: One of the scariest moments in my life.

I got a what’s app message, saying they going to jump. They were so tired of battling a mental illness and not improving. They did not want to live. Without heat hesitation , I called 911. I was terrified,this person is my friend whom I cared about. I finally got a hold of them and reminded them of the love of their partner family and that they were precious to everyone in their life. That the pain is only temporary and you will get through it. The police found them and they got help.

This is why I started this blog and making mental health a point on here.

This individual and I grew up in society where mental health was not talk about and was judge harshly.

They were suffering from an pretty intense restless chronic mental illness. I know we talked almost bi-weekly and the constant struggle for them was heartbreaking.

The isolation that comes with a mental illness is almost as rough as illness it’s self.

This is why it’s so important we talk about mental health. One life loss due to suicide is too many.

I wrote “Don’t Jump” off of this.

Mia 💕

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