Stop comparing your life to others

My friend posted this. It struck a deep chord with me.

Today with advancement of social media, we can now compare our lives to others very quickly. You tend to think wow this person as it all. They must be prettier, smarter, richer etc than you and it really comparison can start making you feel pretty down about your life. This can happen off of social media too, comparing yourself to others. Our journeys are all different and there is no point on comparing our lives to others because we all do not have or can have the same things.


It’s yours, live it.If we do not like something we have the power to change it. A strong personal power to do so.


Life can change in an instant . Instead of comparing yourself to others. Up lift each other instead and yourself. Your awesome and I am awesome. Instead of they have this and I don’t or they are this and I am not. We are all awesome and our lives are too.

Happy Easter Sunday

Mia ❤️

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