Easter Memories

This Easter, I am away from family and friends. Studying for exams, I did not realize how much I miss everyone until yesterday morning, when all I wanted to do was be there. I am celebrating in April ❤️💐

So I am writing about Easter as a way to just provide comfort that even though this Easter I can’t be with them next easter I will be. I am Italian. So Easter has always been a big deal. I remember meals, chocolate , going to church and being around family and food friends. “Buona Pasqua” being said all around. Lots of chats, pasta , fish , carne. And Espresso ! It’s these memories of my late Nonnas, home or my parents home. This weekend I am holding them close, and having an espresso or two.

Have a very joyful and peaceful Easter 🐣 remember what is important ❤️🌸


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