It’s cool to be Kind and Loving

Growing up I was always told I was too nice . That people would take advantage, so I tried to meaner and I failed miserably. It’s just not my nature. I genuinely care about people and love even strangers. I always want to make sure, everyone I come in contact with online or on real-life feels loved, validated and respected.

In North America we are a very self-centred society, it’s about me and only me. I talk to you only because you do this etc. We lost somewhat the community portion of taking care of each other. And that being nice and helping people makes you a target. I challenge that notion, I think being nice and helping people is a gift, sure people will try and target you, that’s why you have boundaries and keep your wits about you. There are ways, that I can tell if someone is genuine or not. That’s my secret, though. But it has something to do with actions of an individual.

Being Kind, Loving, Caring never goes out of style. Have strict boundaries and enough confidence to cut those who are toxic for you out and you don’t have to destroy them to do that.

Have a great day ❤️


2 thoughts on “It’s cool to be Kind and Loving

  1. This is definitely who I am. I have also been told that I am too nice for my own good. I just cannot say no to people or be mean. I do things for people that I know I shouldn’t and that I know they can do for themselves. That how ”too nice” I am. lol 🙂

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