Independent Woman Flies: Luxury of a Car

Hey Badass Women ,

Remember -Independent Women Flies is for all women single or attached.

It just means you run your own show that can be down with or without support πŸ’•

Most of us singles or a couples can’t afford both a house and car together, if you can kudos.

I bought a house, no spare change for a car. When I live in London and Toronto I did not see a need for one. Now I really wanting one. It’s such a luxury though.

Here is why:

1. Coffee accidents:

I was running so late , I legit miss that bus that comes every 30 Mins , so I grabbed a cup , put on some lip stuff and went off to grab a cab. Running to the cab, 1/3 of liquid gold spilled on me.

I like a boss woman saved it from complete spillage.

2: Waiting long hours in the heat or freezing cold:

The days of -20 Celsius actually anything blow 0 Celsius is horrible and wait for the bus were not my favourite. No lie. I immune to frost bite.

3. Working late and missing that last bus:

Results into things: Spending money on uber or cab I do not have or walking home late after usually a long shift.

4. Carry lots of groceries on the bus or walking:

And me silently praying the bag with glass in it doesn’t break. I lost many bottle of olive oil that way.

Next goal is to get a car, Fiat500L with an espresso maker because why not πŸ˜› .

Mia ❀️

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