The House Flies: Shh! Don’t tell my neighbours about the time I accidentally flung a dead mouse on their mat and it froze to it

Earlier this year, I had a unexpected visitors that weren’t guest of my tenants.

These guests squeaked and creep the fuck out of me. But as I mentioned in previous blog post , being an independent home owner with tenants, I am the only one that gets to deal with the disgusting side.

Anyways, I set out a pretty bad ass trap that was humane, I could not have them in my house. Mice are a real health hazard and can cause structural damage to a property.

The trap was a bucket of water, rimmed with peanut butter just low enough for them to fall into the water. It work, I caught Eduardo and Eugenia. The first day Eduardo, was discarded in good location where he could give back to nature. Eugenia was to be discarded in an area not accessible to human between my property and the neighbours. I discarded Eugenia in the morning I caught her and went on my way with my morning routine. Whilst leaving for work, I noticed a dead mouse on my neighbours mat, I thought “Wow, this area has a mouse problem.” I was wrong, you see Eugenia ricochet off the ground where it is not accessible to humans onto my neighbours property. I figure that out when the second I thought about the my area having a problems with mice.

I realize that mouse looked like Eugenia and was the mouse I caught.

Panic set in and I quickly grabbed a mask, gloves , a painting stick and disinfectant and went over. I felt horrible.

This is the point in the story where Murphy’s Law happened. Isn’t the mouse frozen to the mat because it’s -20 Celsius with the windchill that morning.

So I had to leave Eugenia there for a couple of days till it warmed up and she was removed ASAP and there mat cleaned throughly.

Lesson learnt: do not discard mice in that spot again.

Pretty much I felt like I was in Monty python skit and told my friends to say this if any any ask if that a dead mouse, simply say ” ‘tis not a dead mice, he just simply frozen in fear.”

Many laughs were had and oh , my neighbours were on holiday during that time. So not to worry no one came home to a surprise.

Happy Monday – misadventures like this happen to me all the time. Stay tuned for me.


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