The Independent Women Flies: Girl, your worth it

Women have it hard it society even if we come along from being property of men. The progress we have made is amazing, but we have such a long way to go.

One thing I notice is how much we (women) can be reserved in expressing our worth, like it’s a bad thing to say “I’m worth.” I beg to differ, I have send it and then said if these is not priority then I ceased to make you mine. I think having a high self worth attracts the right people to you either in a romantic love or platonic love sense. ” I am worth it for my friend to make an effort and my friends are worth for me to make an effort.” For a romantic partner, same and if one party does not feel that way then I end it.

You are uniquely you, no one else can be you. You are special, and I am focusing on women in this post because we face the harshest stereotypes and double standards. We get critiqued for everything and told what is what and wrong by everyone in society. What no one tends to focus on is positive traits a women has, that each women is so unique and has so much to offer. Yet, we look at her marital status, weather she has children, how she raises her children, judge her by her body size, weather she wears too much or two little make up. We put her down for being too strong and too weak. All of that is in my opinion is bullshit, a woman’s worth is not any of those things. It how she relates to others and how she treats her self and others.

Women all over the world you are worth it and if you don’t have all society says you should have you are still worth it.

Aside note: Men , you are worth it too, but I am focusing on women in this post.


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