Depression: Don’t worry the tunnel will end !

Depression, a lot people have it, it can strike out of no where. It can happen after a birth of child, it can be due to a situation , it can just come about.

Depression sucks period. There is no sugar coating that, and it can strike the most positive people you know.

What people do sometimes do not realize is your have the personal power to over come it.

But it’s hard work for sure, that you are totally capable of doing.

Listen to inner voice and follow your heart the way you over come depression will be different from how another person over comes it.

Some great tools to use in battling depression:

1. Cognitive Behavioural Therapy: It essentially challenges those negative thoughts we tend to have about ourselves situations.

2. Medication can really help get you into gear by giving you body a jump start in feeling better and give you time to do work. Medications like Effexor, Sertraline, Celexa… are great anti-depressants. That if you need, are good to have.

3. Vitamin D or Sunshine: Walking for 20 mins in. Sunshine can instantly improve symptoms.

4. Getting into a hobby you love : For me I developed a love for writing, reading and gardening and home improvement. Doing something you love as hobby is great feeling.

5. Talk Therapy is great resource for cooping with depression, many therapist can help you and guide in processing you feelings, cooping with depression/anxiety and should create a safe, confidential space for you to do so.

6. Seeing love ones: Socializing even a little bit helps with the crippling isolation you can feel with depression.

8. Exercise: All around makes you feel good 🙂

9. Journaling: Great way to just let it out.

10. Positive Thinking: this is crucial even telling yourself one positive thing can eventually change your thinking. A positive outlook is critical for defeating depression. It could be something like ” I am suffering right now, but I know it’s temporary.” Doing this with other activities is great.

Happy Sunday !


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