All The Pregnant Ladies – Put Your Hands Up!

Important Read for Women Expecting From Iggy ❤️ !

Iggy is badass , and I have been lucky to have her as my friend for many years.



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Lyfe Unpacked

(A la Beyonce) All the pregnant ladies! All the pregnant ladies..

First off,CONGRATULATIONS!!!You my friend are a fucking WARRIOR!Take a minute to let that sink in… Bask in it… Your body is preparing a remarkable thing and not in the alien popping out of your belly kind of thing. It is strong and resilient.

Your experience will be unique. Each child is one of a kind. That being said, if you ever feel alone, scared or anxious for the future ahead, remember you are one of us now and you my friend, are far from alone.

The first trimester is the hardest. The last trimester is the longest and the middle is blissful in between.

I’ll be honest, you will be treated differently. Sometimes it will be glaringly obvious, other times it will be subtle. Don’t try to pretend like nothing has changed and that you can…

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