Ladies, Wanna keep your man, make sure you keep up your S.A. (Stocking Appeal)

I mean what man doesn’t love smooth, hole free stockings, he can ran his hands up? Lord have mercy , if he becomes so turned off by your lack of stocking appeal and your marriage suddenly will be in trouble ? Can’t let happen ladies divorce is not an option. You must up keep yourself for him to continue to be proud of you.

“Keep up your S.A , to keep your man proud. ” Said no current advice column ever. Well maybe in Cosmo about the sex positions to make him happy, but that’s another blog post.

My real response to this if I was alive in the 1940s- 1950s would: “Fuck that, if he can’t handle me in ripped stockings then he doesn’t deserve me.” Your partner should be proud of you for you, just your appearance.

Happy Saturday

Mia ❤️

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