Independent Woman Flies: Behide Every Great Woman is her Tribe

Tribe:a class or type of animals, plants, articles, or the like, is one of the definitions found on

In this case, I am referring to people.

There is a quote that I love, it is “Your vibe, attracts your tribe.” Rings true, we tend to attract people similar to us, weather it be a life partner with the same values, similar friends etc.

My tribe and I tend to vibrate on high frequencies and they are awesome. Each member is special to me and I love , care for them and support them whole heartedly. I would not be here where I am with out them, yes I am independent Woman, to quote Destiny’s child “The house I live , I bought it.” but I been saving since I was 14. The real reason I am successful is not just hard work on my part , it’s the woman and men in my tribe who support, love and care for me unconditionally that have made it possible for me be so successful. For this, I am so grateful for everyone in life and who were, I lost a best friend to cancer in 2016. There love, friendship, companionship, love really keep me and kept me going during times I was not so sure. This is a tribe you want ❤️

Most independent women and women who are attached but still independent have this tribe 👏 and take time to appreciate the village that helped them out. Make them a priority always.


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