The House Flies: Fireplace Dilemmas

I have a giant wood burning fireplace in my living room. It is one of the main reasons I fell in love with my home.

It works, but I have dilemma on my hands weather to clean , upgrade and get it inspected or to renovate it and add a gas insert.

There are a few reasons that I want to renovate it. Mostly has to do with safety and the fact I never used a wood fireplace in my life nor have the people who live with me.

My main concern is that the fire will get out of control or be left unattended.

I’m responsible , but I cannot be so sure my tenants are (except for my friend), it a huge insurance risk.

Secondly, Carbon monoxide is deadly is deadly. I have a gas furnace as well, so I don’t want to add an extra source.

A gas fireplace is safer for sure because it easy to use, and saves on heat 😀

The down side is the cost to install and purchase the insert, about $4,000 plus dollars and you loose the classic feel.

These are things I never thought about till I bought the home.

I thinking to the gas in a couple of years though.

I would love to here your thoughts , please feel free to comment below ❤️


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