Have you ever just stopped and felt yourself worth for no reason? Like if you do this the world will stop and your life will be over. Or if something does not feel right, you body reacts?

Anxiety is a natural response. My mentor once told me we need to talk it and cradle like a little baby and listen to it to figure out why is it there, for a real threat or not. Anxiety can tell us if this person is a threat or not.

Anxiety is alway with us, so we have to learn to manage it.

Here are some amazing tips to naturally deal with overwhelming anxiety.

1. Water: Helps with grounding.

2. Mindfulness and relaxing sounds: Helps you to be in the moment

3. Talking with friends and support system.

4. Spirituality can help you connect and keep you grounded.

5. Physical Exercise helps increase endorphins, feels good and mangers the jitters.

7. Relaxing smells, soundscape

8. Herbal Teas

10. Hobbies

Mia V.

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