Independent Women Flies: The icky side of homeownership

When I had bought this home, I fell in love with the fireplace.

The hardware floors, I dreamed of dinner parties etc. I totally neglected the other side.

Exhibit A: Mice

They can get in the tiny cracks. They are hell to trap, and omg , I do not particularly dealing with them once they enter the trap.

However, a bucket rimmed with peanut better and water works wonders in catching them. If they stay in your house they can chew wires , cause fires etc. It’s a battle you have to keep on top off. My next investment is a cat.

Exhibit B: Spiders, daddy long legs and wasps

I hate to admit this but I have ran into more spiders/daddy long legs then I care to admit since being this place. I like them in summer because they eat mosquitoes and black flies but any other time please go into hiding.

Wasps, I’m terrified of , that a whole new battle. The battle usually consist of a glass and trying to entrap them in a glass container to be release back outside only to have them fly back in. That’s usually when I up my anti and get down to buzz-ines . I think I caught 5 in one afternoon, yet could not find a hive. It was also the most times I swear with a 20 minute period.

Exhibit C: Basement Floods

This one was long painful hours of using a shop vac on the floor, calling my parents for advice and then wondering how much this is going to cost.

3 times in 4 months. – I now am I flood pro!

All these situations usually regard some degree of mental strength from dealing with decease mouse to a major flood. Reminding yourself this is your space, you bought it.

Sometimes just got to deal with ugly and reward yourself afterwards.

I look forward to future icky-ness now so I can better be prepared for life or in my next home and know I can handle with our with out my partner. But ideally I’m looking forward to join battles with them.

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