Independent Women Files: School Survival Guide for the modern working women

Step One: Adequate supply of coffee, not the cheap stuff either the real smooth espresso is the only one that will suffice.

Step 2: Working coffee machine, this should be a top priority. Coffee is your fuel during the end of term especially.

Step 3: A calming mediation app. Trust me the frustration of trying to complete school assignments will get to you , especially working full time and own a home. You gotta be grounded to get those take done.

Step 4: Close friends on speed dial, legit I think mine get a daily , why did I do this to myself text. There encouraging words , move mountains.

Step 5: A reasonable grocery delivery service. I mean , if you own a home and go to school, chances are you can’t afford a car. And quite frankly I am not shamed to admit of using them on more then one occasion.

Step 6: Remember you not super woman so don’t feel guilty for going MIA while you work on assignments and not participate in life for awhile.

Step 7: Avoid social media, it’s a distraction.

Step 8: Pray to a Devine being, or what ever, that you computer is in good working order.

Step 9: Remember this will be worth it in when your older, and “Fuck it” is not an option

Step 10: most important step , take some time to relax and eat properly each day. Do not burn yourself out. Keeps up productivity.

Next in Independent  women files series : I have no choice but to deal with the gross side of home owning.

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