Confrontation: Your views matter

Confrontation is always difficult to do but sometimes necessary when your boundaries are being violated. For me, I never confront anyone until I have all facts lined up and it’s worthwhile to do so. I call it pick and choose your battles, if it something that someone does is only a minor annoyance then I leave it because it not worth falling out and losing a valuable relationship. If it is a gross violation, confrontation is absolutely necessary. It’s way to stick up for your self and address issues with people. When confronting try not be so emotional , speak calmly and directly. Have the facts lined up and present in a way that opens a dialogue between you and the individual. The goal is to repair the relationship (not degrade etc) . Listen and here them out and decide if you want to keep them in your life after. Sometimes we accidentally over step boundaries, say the wrong things that could negatively in pact an individual but not mean that way. Remember to this to sort of issues and potentially grow in relationship with the individual.

Confrontation is suppose to be scary or equally aggression, but it is to assert your needs in a any type of relationship with

Here is a great article on Confrontation:

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