Panic what? How I get through those lovely attacks during stressful times.

Lots of people get them, myself included and I am now a fairly relaxed person. Sometimes life gives us pressure, some self-imposed or by circumstance, whatever the reason… stress can be tiring and panic attacks can be the result. You know the feeling like your dying, heart speeding up, sweaty palms, feeling sick and many more symptoms. When I feel one coming on, I usually stop what I am doing, and take deep breathes in and 30 seconds each then exhale. I then stop what I doing and go somewhere private , and splash cold water on me face and usually talk myself through it, by listing everything good and grounding myself. Remember that whatever causing it will end. Then I usually have a vitamin B complex or camomile tea around to help calm the nerves and usually talk to someone as well get peer support. That how I deal with them and I night I tried to just talk myself thru it and have a tea… and I do an extra meditation session.

This works for me, what will work for you is different, you know you best.

Here a few things that could help you:

1. Talk to someone, peer support really helps during panic attacks.

2. Have an emergency relaxation kit, tea, mediation music whatever works

3. Deep Breathes inhale for 30 seconds then exhale

4. Tea- herbal and relaxing

4. Water

5. Bath

6. Shower

7. Touching a cool surface to keep you grounded

8. Positive thoughts during an episode

9. Self head massage

10. An activity to distract you

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