Learn about your illness to thrive with it ðŸ‘ŒðŸ¼

Mental illness is tricky and treated in many different ways. Some need medication to control symptoms and function and other just need coping skills, self help. Most will need a combo. Whatever you works for you, key thing is knowing your illness and what triggers it and know when it getting out of control.

Most of us have a list of symptoms that alert us end we may need to take some little TLC time, go see a doctor, review medication or go to the ER. Most cases it’s great to have a safety plan with your supports. A safety is a plan you and healthcare providers, professional and personal supports come up with to ensure your safe and healthy.

Always have it with you, it will save your life. Get to know your illness, once you do you gain your personal control back. You come a powerful force!

Keep a list of symptoms they are warnings that something has gone array. Triggers usually cause symptoms so have a list of them as well and know your limitations.

Limitations are know when you are taking on too much, usually your symptoms will start to become more intense or make a reappearance, I use that as a warning to slow down.

To recap, have a safety plan in place, keep a list of symptoms and know your limitations and practising self care has helped me deal with PTSD + Bipolar.

Have a great day 🙂

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