7 days of Gratitude Day 4 Review

Managing Relationships: Expressing gratitude to others who help you out , to ensure that your relationship stays in positive. Sometimes if we don’t foster our relationships, the relationship can become toxic. This being said if you are not being appreciated as well then let the relationship go and focus on those who make the time and effort to care as well. Remember life is about balance .

In the session it ask to think of someone to feel grateful, in this case I had to choose one of my best friends. My best friend is always is there. I appreciate the talks we have , the laughter and the mere presence of her in my life for ten years has been the best. She is always supportive, has unconditional love and always a joy to be around . I appreciate the little impacts the funny puns, pics etc you send me weekly , long chats.

Thank you Mija ❤️

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