Independent Women Flies: Choosing your reactions

Life happens and sometimes we can not control what happens to us. Good or Bad. We can control our reaction to things, that is 100 % us.

I used to be a very reactive person when I was younger and the way I would handle things was not the best way. I use to react especially to anything negative.

I learn that my reactions would make the situation worse and when it was best to react calmly. That does not mean getting not getting angry, but having a healthy reaction that does not incur lost of damage.

I know I did things when I was reacting to negative situation without thinking of the consequences and it was not a fun experience. In others when stuff happens, inhale and walk way, think about it and address if it worth it. The best reaction is to be cool as cucumber.

Mia V. ♥️

The Independent Women Flies: Gratitude

You know, Gratitude is super important to have. To show appreciation towards other is the greatest thing.

Today I want to focus on my goddaughter parents. Her mother been friends since I was 16, she along with some other are some of my best friends. Almost supportive and honestly I don’t ever see my life where there not in it . I’m so grateful for her and her husband.

My friends you guys are my rocks. I love you.

Mia V. ❤️

Independent Women Flies: Drive Behind Big Industrial Trucks and Mind the Gap

I was in a car accident involving an industrial truck. I was driving , and they could see my vehicles stopped. Needless to saying I’m sore… lesson learn, they can’t see 6ft -8ft in front for safety reason I’m driving behind them.

Also mind gaps at 18 I fell at the underground station in Toronto and forever have a messed up right leg .

Here a pic from 2008. Also just got my nails did !

Also couldn’t dry wall this weekend so that has been postpone .

Mia V.