Mental Health Awareness

Mental Health is a passion of mine. I don’t think there is anything more important that speaking about it , advocating and changing stereotypes.

I wish someone sat down with young me and told me your not alone, but even in 2012-2013 we still not were very open about mental health . It’s uber important to know it’s okay to not be okay and it doesn’t last forever.

When I was 21, I left a relationship that become abusive. 8 months later diagnosed with a mental illness that was tough – diagnosis now changed or under review. It all stemmed from the abuse and threat on my life when I left. At 23, still terrified and couldn’t handle the illness I tried to end my life. I was found by roommate.

I always had friends, had a life, but was suffering in silence. Afraid that if people know about the flashbacks, anger and emotions they would just up and leave and I be totally alone. It happened with some family members who close already. By isolating myself it made it worse and when I started opening up to others I learnt that everyone was suffering too. From mental health issues to domestic abuse, I wasn’t alone. We just afraid that no one would believe, love us any more. We brought up to be hush hush about things and in that case we have generations of suffering people. There a movement to be open now, and I’m young enough to be a part of it.

I’m no long ashamed and understand I am still me. My goal is to empower people to live their best life by offering guidance and unconditional positive regard and love! Not just personally but professionally slowly.

I collaborated with F*ck Fear authors who many of us had over come some very real struggles. Come out July 2018. I started this blog to show what you life can look like by documenting my experience and what I am doing now. I also write poetry as creative outlet.

You also never alone ♥️

Also just learned of a campaign called I don’t mind , really awesome! Going to order a shirt!

Have an amazing Sunday.

Lots of love,

Mia 💗

Independent Women Flies: Never Compromise your happiness

This is directed to single independent ladies , have you ever told you been too picky and you’ll end up alone?

The thing is if you settle but compromise your happiness then it is not worth it.

If you are the only one compromising or it effecting your happiness why settle for a partner? Have realistic standards but don’t settle for fear of being alone . I have been there , in a wrong relationship it’s worse then being alone.

Thoughts for Saturday.

Mia V. ♥️