Have you ever experienced situations that tested your limits?

I have . One thing they help me get through them is boundaries, they teach people how to treat you.

setting boundaries can look like this setting an ultimatum (fair one) clear of what options are available, setting clear boundaries and communicate the consequences. All must be fair to other people.

an example of a boundary: “You need to make me a priority if we want to continue dating. So if you can’t due circumstances beyond your control and want to continue dating (Now or future ) we have two choices. Slow down and meet once every 3 weeks to take the pressure off or pause dating , see other people and maybe try again in future when things are easier and just remain friends. Those setting boundaries healthy ones.

Another “If you continue to yell at me, I will end this conversation and talk to later when you are calmer.”

this is assertive, not aggressive.

Mia V.

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