Covid-19: The Behaviours were seeing are showing human natures true colours

The virus, Novel coronavirus is a brutal respiratory illness for all, many will recover, many people will not. We are in pandemic a global one. So, what has global pandemic taught us in the last 6 weeks that both humans are insanely good and insanely not so good. There been lots of selfless and shelfish behaviour which shows how complex humans are so much so our governments are need  have had to be our parents. So many world leaders are telling people to stop being selfish and be a responsible members of society. I’ve seen people returning from travel and not isolating for 14 days, I see people are still going into work when sick, abusing customers service agents who are working the jobs you deem “low skilled”. Its disgusting and shameful and this people who are acting this but I have also seen how selfless people are too. But coming together to help our communities, love ones by practicing social distancing, connecting with their love ones ❤️Donating to people in need or animals in need. Respecting the rules to give doctors a break. It almost makes you forget the bad. 

Overall covid-19 has taught us that people true colours are exposed in crisis . I hope to see it be selfless side.


Mia V.

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