Following your dreams: Never accept “No.”

I remember being 22 on September 23, 2019. A mental health professional a nurse at St. Joseph’s in Toronto said I should give up my dreams of moving to England as I would never be able to take care of myself.

9 months earlier I had my life threaten and left what become a very abusive relationship at the end with the love of my life. So, not only heartbroken but terrified of the man I thought I would spend the rest of my life with. 

The judgement felt the stranger made me say “Fuck, you. I will go and I’ll make it.” The dream was to work in the Marriott in London.  I had graduated school in the hotel management program a year before and was an assistant manager at a bed and breakfast in downtown core.

I remember I got sick a month before I was suppose to move and a week before a major trip. I had left my jobs -only to not be able to move. 

So I got three jobs including returning to the bed and breakfast, pawn gold and save like no tomorrow. December 31, 2013 I secured my one way ticket to London 😀 and a room. 

I met my life long friends there, I work at the Marriott in London.

I am grateful I told that nurses judgement to fuck off. Oh and years later ran into that nurse and cheekily said “Hey, I made it to London.”

If you are reading this and have a mental health issue, remember you will power to change and reach your dreams is stronger then our society’s stigma. You have that personal power to change your circumstances and reach for your dreams. I did after brief psychosis brought on PTSD-I still go there every couple of years to city the city that stole my heart and my second home London, U.K.

Mia V.



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