Love Unconditionally

To love unconditionally does not mean you are in love with someone. Those are two separate things.

The love I feel for a lover is has a intense sexual component plus intense unconditional love. That is romantic love, a different kind of love.

I feel unconditional love for all, every men and women. It means I have the best intentions for everyone I come in contact with and will do no intentional harm, want the best for you and love you for you…yes even a stranger.

It does not mean I am your friend or in love with you. I have boundaries in place….and I am willing to accept new people in my life and see if our interaction will grow into a friendship.

Boundaries are in place to ensure that those in my life are on the same frequency or if they have an agenda. I keep to them firm but negotiable and will walk away from anyone or situation that is toxic.

It is a great concept to go by.

Mia V.

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