The Red Flag Flies: Insincere apologies

Red Flag- Insincere Apologies

If someone apologizes to you using the statement, I am sorry if you felt or feel

I am sorry that you etc…

This is not a true apology. You cannot tell someone how they feel. I would take this as red flag, that a person has an agenda or does not care about genuinely. I would distance myself personally from anyone who starts off an apology that is insincere and try to have a open conversation with the person about I feel. If you accept an apology which is not addressing the issue or feel unheard. This can lead to resentment in your relationships with others and it can make any relationship become toxic. With gentle, open and honest communication you can get your needs met come to understanding and plus side is that this open conversation can reveal a persons true colours and then you can walk way.

If you are going to apologize the correct way is acknowledging that your actions or inactions truly hurt someone, that you will to watch your behaviour in the future or discontinue a healthy behaviour in the future. Empathize how they would feel, truly step out of your ego and view them from your higher self.

Most people will feel remorse and guilt for hurting someone unintentionally and actions that match words always will back up if a person telling the truth.

You have the right to address your needs in an effective, honest and loving way to all.

Mia Valente

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