Crooked Roots

Crooked Roots

Smile sweet like honey. Everyones dream girl, she captives men and women a like with her charm. What’s the harm? No need to be alarmed, she everybody’s “it” girl. Fancy car, clothes, makeup always on point, high paying wage job , a big city socialite. She makes it point to show off her friends, spoil them with riches. Damn, over a million followers on Instagram, Twitter. Everybody’s “it” girl, who publicly ignores responsibility for her actions and has support for doing so. How was she suppose to know that her online taunting with her friends would lead to a suicide? Not her fault – a girl can’t take a joke. She could do no wrong because “Daddy, said so.” Yet there was no joke in this taunting, the daily harassment of a girl she barely knew but felt hatred too. Cruel jokes being upload to youtube, over jealously because someone was into this girl but not the “it” girl even though the “it” girl wanted them to be. She was the ring leader of this taunting, empathy is void in this girl with a smile so sweet like honey. Who is always caring as per social media and public appearances, right? Be careful because sometimes the straightest trees have crooked roots.

Based off a chinese proverb.

Mia V.

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