Serendipity ❤️


Your rushing, always in a hurry. Today is not your day. You have dropped coffee on yourself, locked yourself out of your house and stubbed your toe so far in the last hour. “Slay Queen” pops up on your phone from instagram, ironic right? because you are not “slaying” at this moment. Nothing is on point, the fleek has fled. Fuck. Now your phone is at 3 % and your late for an appointment and your charger is in your house. The lock smith can’t make it till half past 6, its 12 pm. You leave knowing at least your place is secure, then on route to your appointment, you get an email indicating it has been cancelled. The only reason you left your home this Saturday was for this appointment. You curse the universe whilst holding your now dead phone. Facing defeat and angry you head to starbucks and order a coconut milk latte with double shots of espresso. You sit in the comfy chair and in walks your best friend. You both have been so busy you havent talked in weeks. You call out to them. They smile, rush over and sit. Turns out they have had a similar day to you and they too also forgot their phone charger. They order and you guys spend hours just talking. As you listen to them talk, you cant help but to feel grateful for this moment, that you get this uninterrupted time with them. If the day had gone perfectly then you wouldn’t have come here and have this extra time. Sometimes when we least expect it the universe hands us extra blessings.

Mia V.

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