The Cat Flies: My Sweet Baby Girl Coco Bean

Before I have my human children coming next year. You are my “first born”. You have taught me so much. You taught me real unconditional love, you are a priority along with myself each and everyday. You were horrible treated in first years of your life by a male and with grace of universe and good males, you are no longer afraid.

Each day I appreciate or try to you waking me up before my alarm. You always are sleeping with me, if I have door closed you think I am dead. Don’t worry no plans to so anytime soon. How now dry food in morning and evening doesn’t suffice, oh god forbid I switch from Friskes Pate.

I am so honoured to be your fur mum. Thanks for loving and trusting me with your life. I’ll protect you from all harm with mine.  You be loved and cared for for life baby girl withe me  your “grandparents and Zio and Zia <3”

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