The Travel Flies: Liverpool and Scotland

Hey Sexy and Fierce Followers,

So I was talking to my best mate in England J. He and I met on Twitter, yes met on Twitter in 2010. He and his now wife “Em” are now some my ride and dies.

When we were “wee” 20 year-old’s. I told him I was going to move to the U.K. I was so determined to go. I love the country. I still do, if I did have my home here. I’d be on U.K so much history. I big history lover. If you get me talking about history…I won’t stop. Seriously.

I love history.  There so much we can learn from the past. Especially in today tech world. The sheer wonder of why the pyramids were built. There was theory they weren’t tombs. But to conduct electricity. We will never know the secrets of the world. What I do is Edinburgh was fucking awesome.

I got sick tho….running joke Mia goes on vackay with friends, she gets bloody sick. But I enjoy exploring a part of U.K. I did get to while I live there.

We started off in London Town :), made our way to Liverpool – went to St. Albert’s docks for a day and toured the home city of the Beatles.

Then I got sick, and we explored the Royal Mile and Edinburgh Fringe. So much fun.

Lots of Love,


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