The misadventures of Mia: Broken Trolly….Holla at cha girl if this happens to you.

So weird shit happens to me. Legit. Ask my godchild’s mom…best friends since 06. I am grateful her and I did not grow up of this digital era of social media because we never got caught  ;).

But seriously made real-life connections which trump social media, we have good interpersonal skills. I feel our younger generation are loosing how to interact with people because online you be whatever you want. It rather to meet someone real online. I act online how I am in real life. I treat people as I would in real life, respectfully. the only thing I like about social media is I that I can keep in touch with the real connections anywhere so ain’t so bad. oh and the positive stories, home decor, animals, babies and food.

Life is way more than followers, likes on Instagram, Snapchat.

I never got into snapchat………….you snap a pic and disappears. I want my pics to stay 😀 At 18 we had digital camera 😉 and phones that did not connect to the internet.

Okay back to my the story:

I think I was laughing too hard on in the transit the terminal. A guy said to me  “Lost your wheel.” Like a true smart ass.  I looked at him unimpressed with a “No shit Sherlock” as hold the wheel in my hand and laughing “Yes” I responded. Totally my fault, I was on the bus and put my foot on the wheel that was plastic. Cue rolling eyes emoji from my mom who is in China when I texted this pic.

This is as bad as me accidentally flinging a dead mouse on my neighbours’ outdoor matt actually it. Click here to view the epic misadventure:

Till the next weird shit happens…

Lots of Love,


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