Falling in Love….Honeymoon Phase to The First Year- The Purple Ribbon

Remember that first love, you had. I don’t mean boyfriend. I mean that person that makes your heart stop. An instant pull, the one person who always on your mind. There no explaining, you just feel it. That was him.

I remember the early days of running away around the city. Throughout May and June 2018, I was in a splint and using crutches. By prom I was healed, we didn’t go prom together though.

By late June we travelling all around the city ending up at Cherry Beach, I remember his face when I stripped down into my bikini and ask him to rub lotion on my back. It was the teasing love kind of love.

By the end of the summer, I knew I was in love. I knew he was too to the best of his ability in love me.

We would fight but nothing like what was to, we cook and travel together.

He would always to leave love notes around.

The sex was good and we wanted the same things.

Children and marriage after a career and other ascribed roles.

This was the first year of love. I was truly happy, I had good friends, going to college and boyfriend where I felt love and supported by.

Lots of love,




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