Everything is changing slowly….Second Year to December 2010-The Purple Ribbon


Our love was really growing deeply.

We were ALWAYS going out, staying in or he was always over.

Travelling around etc…


I remember though now by mid-2010, something was not quite right. One night in the underground…he told me ”  I know how to manipulate people.” It really the first time my gut felt weird.

As the year progressed (2010) I felt I was too involved with him. I had started feeling isolated from my friends and He was also starting to get moody with me. I made it a point to reconnect with them (It was the best decision I EVER MADE)

He would get more and more irate with me for not helping with his problems. I remember paying for a trip for us to get away while working and in school.  He complained the entire time.

He was criticizing my clothes, shoes, for being to close to my mom and friends.

Suddenly all my female friends wanted him.

Suddenly I was not good enough by December 2010 neither was my love…then I was.


19-year-old me

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