Theatre Teens- The Purple Ribbon

August 2007.

My friends and I were eating pizza on the Esplanade in Toronto. My main girl (trust I am the godmother of her child – so close we been ride and dies since 2007, look-alike and call each other sisters I trust her with my life and will trust her my future children lives). She introduced us and that is when I first laid on him. He had pizza on his face. Glasses, different from the guys I use too. I felt something instantly for him. This is closet of love, at first sight, experience, I can think of. The problem was I didn’t know him and I had a boyfriend. So why did I have such a strong reaction, I believe we meet people and the ones you connect with an intimate level instantly have the potential to be a great love.

However, I kept my teenage hormones in check. I opted to be his friend. I was happy with my then boyfriend. But I didn’t have that intense spark. This guy “L”, and became best friends instantly.

We talked a lot on Facebook and MSN Messenger after meeting. We went to neighborhood schools. In my old area, there was high school down the street. Many people use to date each from both schools. My then boyfriend who names started with a “T” went there and so did “L” and they were friends while acquaintances. Eventually, T and I ended things around X-mas 2007 on good terms. I was single and in my last year of high school. Both L, I and my ride and die and I ended up in Youth Leadership Program. I really fell in love with him there, I really got to know him. By May 2008, we were really close, best friends. One day, after the theatre program, he asked me to movies with his friends. Except when I got there, it was just us. He put his arm around me, whispered I was too shy to ask you, but I wanted it to be just us.

May 18.2008, was the start of something beautiful and real we just had fully clued in yet.

Then I fell through the subway gap.

Lots of Love,


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