The Purple Ribbon

There is something freeing about writing my story to the world. It was hard decision to make. Do I write about my domestic abuse experience and risk them finding out or do I write so I can possible save a life or someone from staying too long in a relationship that is toxic so they don’t develop PTSD.

It had ended over a year ago. I didn’t have to worry about them cyber stalking, messaging my contacts, contacting me. When a predator can no longer, control their perceived pray. They move on. I fought, told them in person they could never do that again and show them just how well I was doing.  Now I just want peace. I no longer have the waves and chaos of PTSD in the forefront of life and I could breathe. I no longer get those attacks, I am free.

Now I am coming out in by writing my story for all. I will slowly write I how I survived domestic abuse but how I came to be able control PTSD.

This month I will be focusing on domestic violence.


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