In F*ck Fear…You learned about why and now you learn it felt completely

You learn how Sexy Fearless Fierce became to be, how I fought for my life in more than ways than one. How it felt, how difficult it is to leave an abusive relationship and the real risks. You learn why I developed a mental health condition at 23 and why at 23 I tried to end it all.

Now, in I got this, you’ll learn how it felt to be 22 and in it. You learned about the sleepless nights I had, the visions and fear I had that, how I learned to battle my mind…I had left but was not really safe the next biggest enemy was myself, how I let his darkness become mine and lost almost lost the light and gave up. The biggest life lesson was I was worth it and I had to prove it my self, that I will not lose the battle for my mind. He had already tried taking my life and now his darkness would haunt me until I dealt with emotions.

It taught me, true compassion to show love always

March 2019.

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