Young Mia

I grew up in both a small town and Toronto.

The first 5 years I was raised in Parry Sound, Ontario. A bayside town. I left there when I was 8 to Toronto. But I always living there part-time with my dad. My parents separated when I was 5, I do not remember a home having 2 parents. That is okay, there was still love. Their difficult times, for sure but my parents I learn like I am learning are not perfect gods that know everything. They each had real struggles and did the best they could apart to ensure I was clothed, fed and loved to the best of their ability.

It was not easy, but we made it work. I was more with my mom, but my dad was there. I think my mom those is my biggest ally, it was just me and her before my stepfather and sister came along when I was 9 and unit become fuller….and then my stepmom on the other side. This my family a patchwork….I am so grateful because I got a double.

I am so happy with my family.

Mia V.


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