Suicide Awareness Week: Here is why you need to get talking to your peers- it will save lives

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You may of notice on Twitter I posted a video of my co-author and I talking. If you know me or read my chapter you understand that this topic has a personal component as I myself would have ended up statistic. According to World Health Organization approximately 800,000 individuals worldwide died from suicide and for every suicide another 20 people attempt it and survive. I’d be considered one of the 20. One the most isolating things I found was not being able to talk with my peers about my experiences with social topics that were consider taboo. The two topic I am referring about is mental health and domestic violence. Though I had people who love me, back in 2013 I did not feel safe to do and that they wouldn’t care anyways, why was I going to burden them.

Weird right, your suppose to go to love one hardships? Well, I am not going to lie I had my own family members accuse me of becoming ill for attention, excluded from events, two good friends stop talking to me. My close friends who stuck around were initially very were scared out of concern. Why? Because we my generation (1986-1996) never talked about this our parents generation frown upon us from doing so. Who ever been told hush up about your mental illness, you won’t be hired?

Never once in my school did we go in depth for mental health, we spoke bullying and how they increase the risk of suicide. But not that we can become afflicted with depression and if we did we taunted for being week. Remember ? If you watch last week Badass Women Wednesday’s video my co-author co worker laughed when she was in distress? How isolating is that ? So my point is we never taught about mental health – how common it is and how we can be supportive a person struggling. So have options, to chat- yes psychotherapy, is great resource but it’s missing the vital key, friendship and community. In a professional setting therapist are not your friends. So, yes they helped but the biggest factor was feeling isolated from those closest too us. So how can we decrease suicides appeal? Talk ! Talk and Talk . Learn and develop true compassion for each other. Go beyond our narcissistic egos, and really open up for the greater good. This is why I started Sexy Fearless and Fierce as free resource where I open up about my own struggles and share what I learned and know, son I other person feel isolated and alone. ❤️ This is why I wrote in F*ck Fear. Did you know as well talking about mental health , suicide openly will help individuals learn to cope too and make them healthy productive members of society … so let’s start and never stop.

I’m going to end this post with a challenge to open up the dialogue between your peers, make it so you become a community that makes it safe to “hey I am not okay .” And be forward in reaching to people with asking and letting them know they have your care and support.

There so many great resources that can be accessed globally :

1. Remember the young women in L.A I posted about earlier this summer , named Taylor Foster who runs Taylor Talks? See article here:

This is my hands down my favourite peer resource because here is a peer reaching to all and responding to strangers asking her questions and she is being open herself about her own struggles. Taylor is passionate about speaking out about mental health and wanted a location for people to so do so. This is not replace professional help, but sometimes getting comfortable with strangers who show compassion can inspire you to open up to those closest to and it can ultimately help so many people.

Click here to for : Taylor Talks .

Another great resource the is another favourite is Iam1in4 mental health blog. So this cool site is ran by a team of four in UK each day or week: they feature other bloggers (including yours truly) who write about their own struggles, thoughts and experiences with mental health and illness. They themselves will put out post too regarding mental health resources in out there. Tom Wavre , who is the founder of this blog is a very professional, passionate and kind individual who speaks world wide but also provides training conducive to mental health. For more information, click here: iam1in4

The most mind blowing one is Battlesofthemind, ran by a 16 year old. It’s a great resource for those wanting more knowledge on mental health, please listen what this teen has to say, you’ll be blown away. Click here: Battlesofthemind

Thank you for reading 💗

Mia V.

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