The Mental Health Flies: Anxiety


We all have it .

Some have it form a disorder which is can interfere with daily life.

So how do you deal with it?

Anxiety it’s self is not a bad thing. The biological purpose is warn of danger. We need it to survive.

Where it causes problems is if your body unable to shut down the fight and flight response or freeze response.

Usually a traumatic event in your life can cause an anxiety disorder to appear and we can predisposed to be more anxious and react to life stressors poorly. Did chronic low stress can contribute to anxiety, which is why we must do something relaxing twice a day.

And let’s face it with the current state of our world does not give us time to rest, so we have to make it.

Anxiety gives us incorrect perspective of the world arounds us and ourselves.

The trick is learning to manage it and that is very difficult to do.

The best practice I find that is really effective for dealing with anxiety is CBT and you do it yourself once you learn it. Cognitive Therapy Behaviour- essentially you counter you anxious thoughts with fact supporting it or disproving it. It really makes out things into perspective.

Mood Juice has some great resources.

The next best practices is dancing , relaxing bath, meditation, yoga🧘‍♀️.

All these solutions are natural things that calm the body and allow the stress hormones to dissipate.

Anxiety medication is a short term solution too, but speak with your local GP about the pros and cons starting these medications as they are addictive.

If you you dealing with anxiety it’s daunting, sometimes we just need this reminder too :

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