The Mental Health Files: Get f*cking talking

I cannot stress, how much I wish we were more open about our struggles with mental health.

Especially with out love ones in person.

I use to put on on act , to put on a brave face and pretend all is okay.

Yet came to realize that wasn’t being strong at all …. it was denying the truth. I was struggling and when I opened up I learned more about how many others were struggling and to break the cycle of falling into depression or panic state and bad habits.

Now my best friends and I open with each other and it’s so much healthier.

If I feel like one of them is struggling I reach out, because if can help one person, make sure to give that support and encouragement , and to prevent it from reaching a crisis level. That would make my heart happy.

What I learn from mental health struggles was that I needed to change my perspectives on a few things:

1. Things and people do not make me happy.

My happiness does not depend on others (it is enhanced with love ones) not items (tho chocolate is life) It ultimately depends on me and my perspective. I had it all and felt still felt alone and very sad.

2. To let go of having to have all my shit together 24/7 and feeling like a failure if I did not meet life’s milestones. By reframing it , I found to be a more happier and productive person .

On a personal note the rest is falling into place.

Lots of love,

Mia 💗

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